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Edmundo R. Tamayo, MD, weight loss diet dr

Our Physician

Edmundo R. Tamayo M.D. is well recognized physician in the field of Internal Medicine and Nutritional Wellness and has dedicated most of his career addressing the need for weight loss in order to provide both disease prevention and a healthy lifestyle.
He has been practicing medicine in the Miami area since 1984. He is a leader in his field, treating and caring for thousands of patients successfully over the past twenty-five years with multiple medical problems, most of which are weight related.
Doctor Tamayo graduated from a Cornell affiliated hospital in New York. He has extensive training and experience in the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. High body fat (overweight) and inflammation are the main source of most diseases ranging from heart attacks to cancer and everything in between - that's why in his program, Dr. Tamayo concentrates on bringing body fat to normal levels and reducing inflammation that can be monitored with a blood test. By reducing your body fat, Dr. Tamayo is able to safely take patients off of medications such as high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.
Doctor Tamayo has helped thousands of patients successfully lose weight and has become one of the foremost authorities in Miami and South Florida on weight loss and how to diet. Over the years he has continuously researched how to lose weight effectively, constantly improving our program to enhance your results. His success and recognition as a diet Dr. in South Florida has expanded to four locations in Miami, Pennsylvania, and soon to be in New York and New Jersey.
He is an expert on how to lose fat and has the tools and resources needed to customize the best diet plan for you. Whether you choose our Fit 4 Life Weight Loss Program, Dr. Tamayo is committed to providing you the guidance and support necessary to achieve your weight loss goals and maintain it.
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